Eric Hathaway

Operational excellence, strategy execution and culture driven with proven delivery of increased efficiency and revenue generation in small, medium and large corporate environments. Global change management, reorganization and turn-around expertise with industry experience across technology, financial services and telecom.

Hathaway’s career has included an award winning re-brand, product marketing strategy and podcast development with Zoot Enterprises; developing and expanding Standard & Poor’s Micropal data and enterprise software solutions throughout Asia; and implementing a global business development strategy for Credit Suisse Asset Management. Hathaway also led the Credit Suisse Asset Management operations in the Czech Republic, before shifting to the IT world during the dot-com era.

In addition, Hathaway has provided consulting for a range of Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Samsung. His services focused on B2B/B2C business development, competitive market analysis, and business expansion strategy.

Hathaway holds an MBA in Business Strategy, a BA in International Business and a minor in Computer Science. His passions include spending time with his two daughters and being an avid skier and outdoorsman.

Hathaway has spoken at conferences around the globe including Eastern Europe, Asia and the USA.  He has addressed topics surrounding the financial sector in asset allocation, business expansion, developing financial regulation and most recently the changing face of fraud, bank & financial technology integration as well as the changing face of customer experience in the micro-moment economy.

Orlando, FL / Washington, DC
March 2018 / April 2019

Scottsdale, AZ
May 2018
Billings, MT
August 2018

Hathaway won the American Business Awards gold medal for “Marketing Executive of the year – 2018”.  Most recently, Hathaway was awarded a platinum AVA digital award for the Finance Frontier (as the host of the show) and was also recognized with awards for multiple articles surrounding financial services.

Gold Medalist
Marketing Executive of the Year

Platinum Award
Podcast Host – The Finance Frontier

Gold Medalist
Author – Zoot Blog

Podcast Host

THE FINANCE FRONTIER – The bold, brave and brainy cutting-edge trends and issues that influence and shape global finance. 

Eric Hathaway, a 30-year veteran of the financial services industry, examines cutting-edge trends and issues that influence and shape global finance. Hathaway focuses on diverse topics and features leading industry experts as guests, while exploring the changing face of banking, the impacts of technology on economics and how organizations are adapting to the digital revolution.

Listen on demand to learn what bankers, finance professionals and others are working on as they improve their organizations and strive to deliver the experiences that their customers demand.

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Senior Strategy Consultant


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