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20+ years of global executive level experience (China, Europe, Eastern Europe, and the US) in telecommunications, mobile, technology and financial services as both a consultant and executive in multi-national, small company and start-up environments.

International experience in corporate strategy, business development, mergers & acquisitions, marketing, digital strategy, cultural change management, operational efficiency, sales management, process improvement and financial analysis.. (Please see video resume and or detailed resume for additional information and examples).

A leader and motivater of high performance teams in cross functional organizations coupled with strategic planning, strategic business modeling, growth strategy and skilled in competitive analysis with focus on devising and executing new ideas, creating new concepts and original approaches to business strategy and marketing.

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What They Say...

"Great job! Thanks so much, I really like & appreciate what you did with this - It’s unbiased, well-structured and provides a great overview! for our Executive committee..."
VP | T-Mobile

"Wow...this is EXCELLENT! Exactly what we need to have the conversations with folks outside of our org and at a higher level in a more comprehensive way..."
GM | Microsoft

"Thank you for your help in supporting the development of fund regulation in the Czech Republic. Your insight and international experience has been unparalleled in the creation of much of the regulatory framework."
Czech Government | Czech Regulatory Commission

"Thanks for taking the time to deliver an excellent speech at the seminar in Shenzhen. The quality of the attendees was very much a reflection of the quality and range of speech.."
Managing Director | GT Management ASIA

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